November 30, 2017

The foretold shadows have arrived

As promised earlier this month, our new content is here! 

Head over to our download section to get your hands on all those shiny new pdfs or take your time and read a bit about what you'll get with this update.

Setting rules

First of all we have the Ambitions, which shape your warband's aims for the campaign and both grant interesting bonuses as well as eventually a condition to win the campaign. 
In Lost & Found we offer rules for all those dangerous clockwork weapons and other new equipment including a full trading section to arm your warriors between games.


One new 'basic' scenario is Ill Angles, a rollercoaster ride as the laws of nature and gravity itself become the warband's biggest foes.
Pillage is the first ring's special scenario in which your warriors can loot the remains of the city's former crafting district, whereas your warband needs to access the city's fourth ring to get access to The Great Library. But beware - all that knowledge might prove dangerous!

Hired Swords

Pirates and Mercenaries get support in the form of the Ogre Cannoneer (and his scary swivel gun). The other two sellswords, however, are surprisingly both non-combatants.
A Cartographer allows you to chart the city's labyrinthic layout and derive a benefit out of his maps. The Reactivated archivist on the other hand grants you an advantage against observed enemy warbands and helps exploring the city's depths.


Finally we'll get to the spicy part as The Silent Brotherhood steps out of the shadows to stalk your opponents and eliminate their precious warriors. 

Tweaks & Patches

This would be a really long list, so some major points only:
  • Layout changes throughout all pdfs.
  • The Freelance Engineer vanished to make room for the Clocked Crook, a suspicious saviour of his fellow constructs.
  • Removing mutations became more dangerous (now on par with regular surgery).
  • The Clockworkers' Alchemist changed his speciality to metallurgy and left all that alchemy to the wizards in gold.
  • Phobia clarifications for all that spreading insanity.
  • Various clarifications and lots of proofreading in every single pdf.
  • [...]

November 08, 2017

Great events are often foreshadowed

It's been some while since our last update, but we can assure you that we're not going to break with our tradition of at least one big update a year.

Currently we have two documents full of setting rules, three scenarios, three hired swords and one warband in the pipeline to be released this month. Additionally all existing documents will get a small overhaul both rules- and layout-wise.

And if you are lucky (i.e. if we find the time to finalise some other half-finished things), there will be even more for Christmas...

So stay tuned for more than two dozen pages of new Sealed City content this year so you can enjoy the cold weather with a good read about clockworks, madness and mayhem.

May 25, 2016

The Path to Glory

Or rather the way to a finished supplement in this case is indeed a long one, so we made a little map for that journey. From now on you can access the current state of the project on the Roadmap tab above, which allows you to keep track with our progress.

Some setting parts like additional scenarios are still missing, as there are no corresponding drafts yet, and will be added as soon as we make them up.

The lack of deadlines is indeed intentionally as our available time and motivation dedicated to the project isn't really predictable on a longer term and so a milestone-based roadmap will serve everyone way better - less pressure for us and no disappointment from passed deadlines for you.

So long, enjoy the current content and look forward to future updates.

May 03, 2016

Another year, another update

Things are progressing slowly these days but nonetheless we offer you again three new previews on our setting's content.

Entwined with the basic mood, the Madness rules are an integral part of the Sealed City albeit being thinned out from the more cartoonic results. Especially the Ambition 'Fear the Abyss' makes good use of these rules, but so do some scenarios, several results on the exploration chart and other chapters.

Next the Warlock engineer gets company in the form of two additional hired swords - the Maiden guide, a native who helps with her knowledge about the Sealed City and a Freelance engineer who becomes handy when fighting clockwork constructs.

And finally another warband makes its entrance: The three financiers' House Guards protect the members of the Houses Fierezza, Halcon and Baluardo as well as enforcing their employers' interests throughout the city. 

Additionally we will put a small roadmap online in the next few days so you can see which parts of the supplement have come how far and what is to be expected next.

March 04, 2015

Mutated previews

In our first update this year, we bring you some serious mutant powers to the download section. Dark and twisted things lurk in the dark, but it is told that most of them where considered normal before their numerous rolls on the Stygian Mutations chart.

To get some of the real horrors onto the gaming table, this update features a matching warband preview: The Brood of Ghurash. The Great Mother's warped offspring are the real natives of the Sealed City and unwilling to share their domain with someone on a lower step of their food chain.

While you had to wait some time for this update, we present you a little teaser of the setting's upcoming Ambitions:
  • Fear the Abyss (The dark is full of terrors.)
  • Kings' Greed (Money. Power. Dominion.)
  • Knowledge is Power (The Inner Sanctum is the key.)
  • Protect and Serve (The truce must be maintained.)
  • Purge the Intruders (The city's secrets may not be unveiled.)
  • Reign from Shadows (Pulling strings, cutting throats.)

So have some fun with the twisted 'gifts' your warbands may receive within the Sealed City and stay tuned until the next update, when we also start twisting their minds...

October 23, 2014

More-more previews

As promised we've added several new previews to our downloads

In our scenario The Abyss the mere ground will strike fear in the players and forces their warriors to move on high ground to get out of that bottomless area.

The first hired sword to be revealed is an old acquaintance for connoisseurs of the skavenhood - the Warlock Engineer. Maintaining the clan's tunnel drills, these fellows now serve in many of Pristekk's warbands throughout the Sealed City.

At last the biggest preview, a new warband - namely Clan Pristekk itself. Stranded in the Sealed City, the Skaven continue their hunting and commence with moonstone infused breeding experiments in their underground laboratories. 

October 20, 2014

Layout & Graphics

We are currently working on the overall layout of the supplement to give it a fitting look, be it text boxes, small elements to fill the white space or the pages' border, which is going to look like this (smaller changes yet to do):

To give you something to look forward to - we will release another 3 previews this week. One Hired Sword, one scenario and also the next warband.